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Language Services

CLAS provides language services designed to ensure organizational capacity, effective communications and compliance with industry standards for patient-centered care


Language Proficiency Assessment

Effective communication is predicated on the interpreter’s fluency in two languages. The CLAS online language proficiency assessment is an oral and written exam that captures a candidate’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English and a target language. It also examines the ability to move fluidly between two languages and knowledge of basic healthcare vocabulary. The assessment is

evaluated by language concordant raters familiar with regional variations in Arabic, French and Spanish. It takes 90 minutes to complete. A passing score is 80% overall; results are delivered within two weeks.



CLAS is currently offering face-to- face interpretation by qualified or certified interpreters with a minimum two-year’s experience. All CLAS interpreters have demonstrated proficiency in English and one or more target languages as well as successfully completed Healthcare Interpreting – A 40 Hour Course or equivalent training program. CLAS quality assurance measures include incidence reports, provider feedback and annual interpreter performance evaluations. CLAS continues to recruit and train interpreters in additional languages to meet our client needs.



Consultation in language program implementation

Professional interpretation is one element of a comprehensive language services program. CLAS consults with organizational clients to assess language needs and capacity, identify both in-house and external language resources, develop policies and protocols and train administrators and staff. This comprehensive approach tailored to each client results in the implementation of cost-effective, tiered

language services that maximize quality of care and patient outcomes while meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

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